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Amarok demonstrates pulling power

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Volkswagen has demolished a 67-metre high steel chimney weighing around 140 tonnes to show off the the pulling ability of its latest Amarok pick-up.

The huge chimney would have required a 40 tonne excavator to pull it down, but specialists EDS worked with Volkswagen to give the Amarok pick-up a chance to complete the mammoth task as part of its launch demonstration.

The Amarok, which boasts incredible power and traction, was put to the test in a series of challenges to prepare it for the stunt..

Each of the four Amaroks had 200m lengths of rope running from the bumper to the top of the chimney.

The structure was then pulled down by the pick-ups fitted with Volkswagen's new four-cylinder 2.0-litre TDI.

Motorists planning to buy the new Volkswagen Amarok must ensure they have a comprehensive van insurance policy before they hit the roads.

To ensure the safety of the stunt drivers, all pick-ups used for the demonstration were equipped with a 'quick release' safety mechanism for the towing ropes.

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