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Londoners 'shun diesel models'

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A new survey by has found that only 18% of Londoners would choose a diesel car ahead of a petrol model when they come to change their vehicle.

Two out of five motorists in the capital said they would buy a petrol car, even though more diesel models meet the CO2 emissions criteria which will exempt them from the London Congestion Charge under the new Greener Vehicle Discount scheme, helping the owners save cash for costs such as car insurance.

Across the UK, a quarter of motorists are in favour of diesel models due to their high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

People in the eastern region are the second least likely to choose a diesel car (22%) when they come to change their vehicle.

The survey also found an increasing interest among Londoners for hybrids, with 15% planning to choose one for their next car, compared with a national average of 10%.

Richard Lawton, spokesperson for, said: "Londoners should make sure they understand the new Greener Vehicle Discount works so that they can take advantage of exemption to the charge. Just by choosing a slightly different model, the savings could add up."

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