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Police catch more drink drivers

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An increase in the number of motorists caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs has left police in Scotland 'disappointed'.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland 's (Acpos) annual summer campaign witnessed a significant increase in drink and drug drivers caught on the road compared with 2010.

Within the first week of the campaign, 119 people were caught drink-driving.

A further 16 drivers were caught for driving under the influence of drugs.

Last year, only 100 people were caught for these offences during the same period of the crackdown.

Drug and drink driving is a growing problem and drivers convicted of drink-driving usually face a rise in their car insurance premiums.

According to Acpos report, the police stopped a 17-year-old boy for drink-driving on the same day of passing his driving test. Another man was caught twice on a single day.

A driver was reported for driving while disqualified, drink-driving, failure to stop, driving without insurance and police assault.

Assistant Chief Constable Tom Ewing, from Acpos and Fife Police, said: "Drivers should be in no doubt, this is a serious offence and you could face a prison sentence.

He insisted: "We will continue to patrol the roads day and night and if you get behind the wheel when you shouldn't, we will catch you."

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