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Many go without seatbelts, study

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A survey has shown that almost 5% of drivers - many of whom were behind the wheels of vans - hit the road without fastening their seatbelts.

The AA survey of 40,000 vehicles found that 4.92% of drivers were not wearing seatbelts and 33% did not bother to indicate.

AA president Edmund King said: "Many of those un-belted were taxi and van drivers who should be aware that they are potentially more at risk due to their higher mileage."

With van drivers singled out in the study, it reinforces the need for them to find the best van insurance deal before hitting the road.

The study, which monitored drivers at junctions and roundabouts up and down the country, also found that almost 10% were driving too fast and 3.6% had faulty brake lights.

But it was drivers in the West Midlands who were the worst when it came to belting up, with 7.43% not bothering.

Seatbelt-wearing was at its highest in the East Midlands, with only 3.48% not properly secured.

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