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Petrol prices rise after brief dip

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Motorists face more pain at the pumps with fuel prices on the rise again after a brief fall last month, the AA said.

Petrol and diesel prices in mid-June remain lower than those seen in mid-May, but have crept up since June 5, the figures show.

A litre of petrol now costs an average 136.07p, which is 0.86p lower than in mid-May but 0.32p up on the June 5 price.

Diesel has followed a similar pattern, with the average litre costing 139.77p, down 1.72p on mid-May but up 0.43p since June 5.

One potential benefit of the high fuel prices is that drivers who have been cutting back on journeys to save cash could also be helping to lower their car insurance premiums by reducing their mileage.

The AA claims prices should have fallen much further than they did in early May because the oil price plunged from 126 US dollars a barrel to under 110 dollars a barrel.

AA president Edmund King said: "Had the full potential 4p drop in petrol price, from May's all-time high of 137.43p a litre to the 133.5p seen in March when oil initially settled at 115 dollars, been passed on, it would have saved a two-car family £8.49 over the month and possibly improved Tuesday's inflation figures."

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