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Drivers 'cut back on spending'

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Rocketing fuel prices are forcing over three in four motorists to cut back on spending or driving, research has revealed.

The study by AA and Populus showed that currently 76% of people are suffering the impact of rising petrol and diesel prices.

Just under half of those who participated in the survey hold the Government responsible for fuel price hikes.

The poll showed that 31% of people now travel less by car in comparison with 2007, while 16% have reduced other expenditure, with many seeking out the best deal on their car and van insurance to help cut costs.

The high cost of fuel has forced 29% of drivers to cut back on both spending and motoring, the report added.

A considerable number of people are also saving on entertainment, by reducing the number of trips to cinemas and restaurants.

The AA members involved in the study also blamed oil companies and oil-producing countries for the soaring fuel prices, while 12% accused City traders of causing the price hikes.

More than four in five said there should be a body charged with monitoring the market to ensure fair prices.

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