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Insurance excess costs 'rising'

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Consumers are having to pay increasingly high excess costs when making claims on their home, travel and car insurance policies, according to a report.

Financial research firm Defaqto says some claimants now are being charged more than double the one-off excess of £50 on average that they would have had to pay in the past.

The proportion of home insurance providers charging £100 or more on a policy has risen from a third three years ago to more than half now.

Similar increases are now being implemented by travel and car insurance companies, the firm said.

Meanwhile, a growing number of travel insurance policies are charging more than one excess per claim.

Defaqto found that in two out of five travel insurance claims, consumers have to pay separate excess cost for each section they are claiming under.

A spokesperson for the firm said: "Most people don't realise how complex excesses are. There isn't just one per policy. The amount you pay would depend on exactly what you are claiming for."

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