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Engines 'will halve CO2 emissions'

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Commercial drivers may be pleased to hear that new technology could be available in the next few years which will see the fuel efficiency of vehicles double.

Motorists could see more money being freed up for other costs such as van insurance thanks to the latest developments, which involve using an internal combustion engine - causing CO2 emissions to halve.

Automotive industry supplier Bosch has predicted that in the next 15 years, the engine will lead the sector thanks to fast technology advances, more economical powertrains and lightweight construction.

But the engineering firm does not expect that the advances in new technology will signal an immediate decline in more conventional engines, believing that the global growth of internal combustion engine vehicles will continue along with alternative powertrains.

Dr Rolf Leonhard, executive vice-president engineering diesel systems, said: "Based on typical annual mileages for Europe and today's fuel prices, a comparison of the fuel consumption of the average car in 2010 with a car built in 2020 shows fuel cost savings over three years of operation of between f1,000 and f1,500 (£900-£1,300).

"In other words, drivers' operating costs are likely to be reduced by more than enough to cover the cost of all the extra technology they will have to buy in 2020 to make their cars more economical."

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