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Car buyers intimidated in showrooms

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Potential car buyers across the land are left feeling intimidated by the dreaded showroom and salespeople, it has been revealed.

Around 74% of those surveyed by magazine Auto Trader said that they felt uncomfortable when shopping for a new car if a sales assistant approached them.

The feeling has been labelled Pretty Woman Syndrome by the magazine, after the hit film which saw Julia Roberts' character belittled in a high-class clothes store.

Fortunately buyers won't have to face the showroom stress when shopping online for car insurance.

Showroom intimidation was most felt in north east England, while half of the 1,000 people surveyed nationally cited the "perceived attitude of staff" as a reason for feeling overwhelmed.

A total of 47% bemoaned the lack of prices, while 49% said being able to browse at their leisure would make their visit more pleasant. In addition, 37% said having more knowledge about their proposed purchase would help.

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