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European Freight Crime on the Up

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Fleet managers have been urged to protect their employees when they are travelling in Europe, as violent behaviour towards truck drivers is on the rise.

The warning is issued from fuel card reseller, The Fuelcard Company after thefts from heavy goods vehicles have increased by almost double since last year. It is reported that criminals are also becoming increasingly more violent towards the drivers in order to achieve their goal.

UK drivers travelling across Europe are more susceptible to attacks, as they often carry large amounts of cash in different currencies and drive in territories that they do not know.

To battle the rise in freight crime, the Fuelcard Company has offered to fleet managers, an European fuel card that is designed to improve security for drivers abroad.

The new card scheme aims to reduce the need for carrying money, enabling drivers to pay for fuel, motorway and bridge tolls, tunnel tolls, ferries, and customs clearance anywhere in Europe. Also if the card is stolen, then the driver can ring a 24hr phone line to instantly cancel the card and so prevent fraudulent activity.

According to the figures, released by freight crime body TruckPol, there were 448 thefts from heavy goods vehicles over a three month period in 2011, compared to 244 over the same period in 2010.

Over the past six months freight crime has cost the UK economy over £3million, with a reported 762 crimes. 

In Europe, 8.2billion Euros worth of cargo and/or vehicles is stolen each year, with an estimated extra half a billion going undeclared. The most noticeable category of stolen goods recently is fuel, specifically diesel.

By Ben Malkin

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