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MP forced into action after £26,000 car insurance quote

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A Bradford MP has called a summit to discuss the spiralling costs of car insurance in and around the city after a 17-year-old teenager was quoted £26,000 to insure his car.

Jamie Nunn had the car for his 17th birthday, but soon found after searching around for car insurance that he would not be able to afford to run it. The cheapest car insurance quote he was able to find was £9000, with the most expensive being £26,000.

David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, said the situation is ‘fast becoming ridiculous’ in some parts of the city.

Jamie’s father Dennis brought the 1.1litre Citroen Saxo for £700 for his son’s birthday but has since been forced to sell it after being unable to find a cheap enough car insurance quote.

Experts in the insurance industry believe that the high insurance quotes are down to the postcode where the family live. The Nunns live in Eccleshill, which is part of the BD2 area, including Undercliffe, and Fagley. The BD2 area has almost twice the national average of uninsured drivers according to industry figures.

Due to this, car drivers in the area have been refused insurance even though they have been claim free for a number of years, and young drivers being quoted unreasonable prices.

David Ward understands the problem lies with the uninsured drivers in the area and not the insurance industry, claiming something needs to be done to deter uninsured driving.

The Association of British Insurers has welcomed the chance to discuss what needs to be done to ensure that the people of Bradford get the best possible deal on their car insurance.

A spokesperson welcomed the summit call from David Ward, saying that the insurance industry remains determined to reduce the problem of uninsured drivers on Britain's roads, and will work closely with police to make it harder for anyone driving without insurance to get away with it. 

Ian Donaldson, Managing Director or Autonet, said, “Uninsured drivers are a menace on our roads. They put lives at risk and the costs of accidents they are involved in increases insurance premiums for law-abiding motorists. Hopefully this summit can look to find a way to deter uninsured driving and so help the people of Bradford and the surrounding areas.”