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Motoring news from the Weekend

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With all the thrills and spills of Silverstone this weekend, and Alonso taking the top position on the podium, it’s easy to overlook some of the lesser motoring stories from the weekend.
Here’s a look at Autonet’s top three.

Driver arrested twice in one day

A man was jailed for 10 weeks after being caught drink-driving twice on the same day. The driver from Thetford, was caught driving with excess alcohol, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

He was charged by police and bailed, but then only hours later; the driver was caught again in the same vehicle and charged with the same three offenses.

On the first occasion his alcohol reading was 100mgs of alcohol in 100ml of breath, which is nearly three times the legal limit, and on the second time, it had rose to 104mgs of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

He was banned from driving from three years along with the prison sentence.

Speeding driver outruns police

A motorist drove his Aston Martin sports car at an estimated 160mph on the A14 at Higham – leaving a police car trailing in his wake.

The patrol car chased the Aston Martin at 140mph, but the top end sports car still pulled away.

The driver pulled over on the approach to a junction six miles further down the road to allow the police car to catch up.

The driver is reported to have said to the officer, “There are no excuses for travelling at those speeds. All I can say is that I was trying to stay away from the traffic. I was an idiot.”

He runs a mobile phone company that employs 12 people, and his defence argued that a jail term could affect his business.

He was disqualified from driving for 18 months, and sentenced to carry out 180 hours community service. He was also ordered to pay £1200 costs and must take an extended driving test at the end of the ban.

Car torched on driveway

A woman in Bury was home with her husband when her car was torched on her driveway.

The blue Ford Fiesta was engulfed in flames at around 2am when emergency services responded to the scene after the fire was noticed by a member of the public.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said that he had not been at home during the incident but that it had him ‘worried’.

By Ben Malkin

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