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Poll backs littering punishment

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A poll of motorists has found that the majority of people think punishment should be issued to drivers who drop litter.

The Allianz Insurance poll found that 81% of respondents voted for retribution for littering and that 37% were upset by such "lazy" and "disrespectful" behaviour.

The research came amid plans to charge littering drivers a fixed £80 penalty under proposed changes to the Localism Bill - something which could make van insurance customers extra vigilant with regard to their littering habits.

For more than one in three of those polled, offenders should be slapped with at least three penalty points on their driving licence.

Furthermore the poll also found that more than half of respondents (52%) were left angry and frustrated by people dropping litter.

Spokesman Gareth McChesney said: "If offenders were to receive points on their licence as a penalty, they could see their insurance premiums rise to in the region of £40 to £50 which would be most unwelcome."

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