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Britons 'spend less on holidays'

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British holidaymakers take much less time to plan their breaks and spend far less money than some of their counterparts in Europe, a new study shows.

According to a survey by, while the French splash out an average of £1,418 on their holiday, Britons spend just £898. The Irish are even less lavish with the average spend £716, while Italians shell out just £613.

In terms of planning - which includes booking holidays, flights and getting travel insurance, among other things - Spaniards topped the list by taking an average of 86 days to prepare.

Britons typically plan their holidays for 45 days and the Irish just 11 days.

One in 10 British travellers make no preparations for their summer holiday until their departure date, while more than a third (36%) do so well in advance, the study found. UK and Ireland managing director Mark Maddock said: "It's interesting to see the difference in countries' holiday-booking lead times. The Irish are the most last-minute but seem to be among the lower spenders."

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