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Cash for Crash Car Accidents

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Research by has shown that 1.3million motorists admit to, or would consider, deliberately causing a car accident to make a claim on their car insurance.

2% admit to already having done so.

The dangerous methods being employed by 1 in 20 motorists comes after the ever increasing cost of motoring.

The percentages do vary according to where in Britain the motorist lives, only 1% of motorists in Wales have risked, or would consider risking such a dangerous act, compared to 10% of motorists in London.

The insurance industry separates this type of car insurance fraud into three categories:

  • ‘Staged’ motor accidents; two vehicles deliberately knock into each other in order to claim on insurance.
  • ‘Contrived’ motor accidents; a fabricated claim for a motor incident that never took place.
  • ‘Induced’ motor accidents; a deliberate action by a motorist to force an innocent driver to crash into them, such as braking suddenly so they are hit from behind.

‘Cash for Crash’ car accidents are not only highly illegal but wilfully endanger the lives of other road users and the public.

Insurance fraud, including organised motor fraud, is costing the insurance industry £2billion a year, and adding on average £44 a year on everyone’s policies.  The fraudulent claims cause insurers to increase premiums for honest motorists as they try to recuperate their losses.

If a motor insurance claim is found to be down to the involvement of an organised staged accident, it will be considered fraudulent. If found guilty, an official ‘fraud mark’ could be added to your license, which will void all existing cover, and could see you being refused cover in the future. Your details can also be passed onto the police so that they can chase you for prosecution. The result will be that it will have drastic long-term effects on your motoring.

By Ben Malkin

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