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Drink-drive numbers up in Suffolk

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There has been an increase in the number of people drink and drug-driving in Suffolk, figures reveal.

Suffolk Police conducted a drink and drug-drive enforcement campaign in June, and found there has been a 13.3% rise compared with the same campaign conducted last year.

Motorists who are caught driving under the influence face disqualification - which could affect their car insurance premiums once they get it back - a hefty fine or a prison sentence.

But worst of all, they are risking their lives and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel after drinking or doing drugs.

Officers in Suffolk started their campaign on June 1, and conducted 507 breath tests during the month. Of these, 111, or 21.9%, were positive.

In June 2010, 711 breath tests were conducted by police, with 61, or 8.6%, coming out as positive.

This year saw 114 people aged under 25 tested, with 21 being positive, the equivalent of 18%.

Inspector Bruce Gent of the Road Policing Unit said: "Motorists must also be aware of how long alcohol can remain in your system. This year's figures show that a number of people have been caught on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which suggests drivers are getting behind the wheel having been drinking the night before."

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