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Driven to Distraction Costing Brits £3.3 Million a Year

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A conviction for "driving without due care and attention", or a CD10 as they are known, could increase your car insurance premium by up to 27% recent figures revealed.

It also revealed that changing music and eating or drinking whilst driving are amongst the worst habits for British motorists, and the reasons for a lot of CD10’s on motorists licenses.

The amount of drivers with a CD10 on Britain's roads is on the rise, and motorists are risking hefty hikes to their car insurance premiums if they are caught being careless behind the wheel.

The analysis, held by, revealed that the 16,485 motorists who are convicted of driving without due care and attention each year will face more than the standard £60 fine and three points on their license in the long term. Motorists can expect to see their car insurance premiums rise over £200 (27%) on average, which amounts to an additional £3.3 million in car insurance premiums each year.

Additional research from the comparison site reveals that over 82% of drivers, that’s over 8 in 10, get preoccupied or distracted whilst driving. The top three distractions admitted by motorists include:

  • Changing stations on the radio/changing a CD (61%)
  • Eating and drinking (51%)
  • Talking on their mobile phone (23%)

Furthermore, 16% of motorists admit sending text messages while driving, with over 36% of under 35s saying they had done this.

Basic safety features are also being ignored by UK drivers, with 15% of drivers admitting to not bothering with their seatbelt.  

However, the research revealed that the biggest danger on the road lies in Northern Ireland, with 87% of drivers admitting to being distracted at some point whilst driving, compared to the next highest; 74% in the North West of England.

The UK's roads are becoming busier every year with more and more drivers taking to the road, and a spokesman for believes taking your eyes off the road, even for a second to make a phone call or eat a quick snack, could lead to severe, or even fatal, consequences.

Motorists who are convicted of a CD10 face a hefty rise come the renewal of their car insurance.  In some instances, having a CD10 conviction could add as much as an extra £402 to the cost, an increase of 63 per cent.

Breakdown of driving distractions

Driving Distraction % of Motorists
Changing music or radio station






Taken/Made call on a non-handsfree mobile


Slowed down to watch accidents


Sending text messages


Not using seatbelt


Falling asleep/dozed off


Applying cosmetics


Updating Facebook


Updating Twitter


By Ben Malkin

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