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Speeding causes 'most in-car spats'

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The main cause of arguments between partners while travelling in vehicles is speeding, a new survey suggests.

According to the study conducted by the online used car channel Tesco Cars, 22% of fights in the car between couples result from driving beyond speed limits.

The study revealed that men were most likely to pick a fight over speeding.

Other reasons for in-car tensions include following the wrong directions (18%), tailgating (13%), a lack of parking prowess (5%).

Rowdy children in the car are also said to trigger fights between 3.9% of couples.

Motorists who are more likely to argue with partners should ensure they have up to date car or van insurance cover as fights while driving increase the risk of accidents.

Rows over speed are more likely to happen in the Midlands, with 55% citing this as the cause for fights on the road, while in Greater London it is only 7%.

The marketing manager of Tesco Cars, Rebecca Ryan said: "Most couples will have argued about something in the car at one time or another. Given the potentially serious consequences of speeding, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that it is the chief cause of fights."

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