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Brits name top driving frustration

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Across the world, there are millions and millions of cars on the road, and just as many people sitting in them getting frustrated for one reason or another. In South Africa there are numerous frustration triggers on the roads, taxi drivers likely topping the list for many.

Closer to home in the UK however, recent research from the comparison website has revealed that the top cause of irritation when driving for UK drivers is motorists that drive below the speed limit or too slow.

The results from the study revealed that more than half of motorists (60%) experience heightened irritability and an increase in stress or anger levels when faced with a vehicle driving slower than the rest of the traffic.

Due to this, the reactions from almost half (45%) of motorists facing this problem results in the driver performing a risky overtaking manoeuvre. 

Further research from the Department for Transport has also revealed that 143 accidents a year that happen on the roads of Britain are caused directly by slow drivers, or "Sunday drivers," as they are known.

There is little to prevent drivers from going to slow, with action rarely ever taken against offenders who cause accidents. Due to this half of the motorists that were surveyed are supporting the idea of introducing to the roads of the UK the first ever 'slow speed camera’.

The slow speed camera will specifically catch slow motorists, penalising them with a fine for driving slower than the minimum designated speed limit.

Other solutions considered by respondents to the research include imposing a minimum speed limit on all roads, which 37% were in favour of, the introduction of a slow lane which 26% supported, dedicated times for slow drivers to be on the road (15%) and even a warning badge system to be displayed by offending motorists (5%).  

The research is a stark contradiction of recent research which shows that for motorists who are parents, near a third of them believe that speed is the greatest danger on UK roads.

By Ben Malkin © Copyright Autonet Insurance