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Lancashire speeding figures online

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Lancashire Police have published details of speeding offences caught on cameras installed at 285 sites around the county.

Figures show nearly 50,000 people broke speed limits and risked penalties, accidents and car insurance claims last year. Fines were handed to 21,809 of the motorists.

These statistics, along with the number of offenders who appeared in court or were required to take speed awareness courses, have been put up on the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety website.

A government directive recently gave local authorities and police forces until July 20 to publish speed camera figures, but so far only Lancashire has done so.

Police and council officials will maintain the site, adding new information on a yearly basis.

Andy Rhodes, Assistant Chief Constable and chair of the road safety partnership, said: "We are committed to reducing the number of people killed and injured on the county's roads and we will continue to use cameras to help us achieve this."

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