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Unreliability wins British Hearts

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The Land Rover Discovery 4, a car recognised as being troublesome and suffering from many faults, is one of Britain's most loved cars, according to the country's largest annual satisfaction survey. The Discovery 4 was voted third best in the Which? Car poll, which questioned 63,000 owners.

The British-built 4x4 was given an overall 95.7% satisfaction rating, despite scoring two out of five stars for reliability because of a series of electrical and other problems.

The 4x4 was beat by the Volkswagen Passat CC in second place with 96.4% of the vote, and the Toyota Yaris Verso in first place, with 97.7%.

Which? Car editor Richard Headland believes that the Discovery scored high because it is still a relatively new car covered by warranty, and also it is a status car with a lot of space in it. He believes that the Discovery has a ‘feel good factor’ about it.

The vehicle has only been on sale since August 2010, so most models will be covered by manufacture warranty, with most faults being fixed for free. However Mr Headland believes that the satisfaction level for the car could fall when owners start having to pay for repairs. Faults reported by owners included breakdowns, and non-engine electrics such as the stereo system, sat nav and sun roof.

Members of motoring groups believe that owners of the 4x4s appear to regard the faults as less significant than its positive attributes.

Automobile Association president Edmund King said: "The Discovery 4 results show that an iconic brand, loyalty, style and practicality can be more important considerations to some drivers than niggles with electrics which don't affect driving."


Land Rover is a world famous brand, and the results of the poll suggest that owners are proud of their vehicle choice, and are prepared to overlook shortcomings for the sake of buying British and owning an iconic vehicle recognised the world over.

Topper of the poll, the Toyota Yaris Verso was described by various owners as versatile, reliable, easy to drive, and inexpensive to own and run.

The second placed VW Passat CC, a relatively new car, impressed owners with its looks, practicality and comfort.

Four Skodas - the Yeti and various versions of the Superb - dominated the rest of the top ten. Which? Car said that jokes about the Czech-founded marque were a thing of the past.

Seven of the ten least popular cars in the survey consisted of French cars, weighed down at the bottom by the Renault Laguna Sport Tourer.


It only managed to score 49.4% satisfaction because of non-engine electrical problems, and poor handling and performance.


By Ben Malkin


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