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Motorists get holiday driving tips

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Transport minister Norman Baker has given some useful tips to motorists on improving their driving habits in order to save money.

The advice was offered to drivers as many families in the UK get ready to go on their summer holidays.

Mr Baker said drivers could save up to eight per cent or even more by adopting simple techniques like driving smoothly, de-cluttering their vehicles and changing gear at the right time.

Drivers were also urged to check tyre pressures, keep a check on their speed, and consider the extra weight added to cars with roof racks and boxes, before embarking on a journey with their families.

Drivers who follow safe driving habits and are looking to save more money could also seek out the best available car insurance deal.

Other useful tips include anticipating the road ahead to avoid unnecessary breaking and changing the gears early when accelerating for fuel efficiency.

Mr Baker said: "For many families, the annual holiday will be the longest trip they make all year. Applying the simple smarter driving techniques could make a real difference to fuel costs. In a single 500 mile trip, you could save £10 - certainly enough for a few extra ice creams to keep the kids happy."

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