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Drivers face emission charge hike

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New regulations on emissions in London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) could lead to extra charges for drivers of vehicles such as vans and minibuses from the start of next year.

The stricter regulations will see a charge of up to £200 being forced on motorists of older motor caravans, pick-up trucks, large vans, motorised horse boxes and similar vehicles.

The regulations, linked to the Euro IV emissions standards, are likely to prompting van owners to seek out the best van insurance deal to help keep down costs.

Vehicle owners who do not follow the strict criteria while driving inside the LEZ, which covers the majority of the area inside the M25 motorway, will have to pay the extra costs.

The managing director of Shoreham Vehicle Auctions, Alex Wright, has said that the rules, which come into effect from January 3 next year, will hit around 72,000 vehicles.

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