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Travelling time increases by 12%

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New figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) have shown a 12% rise in the amount of time drivers spent behind the wheel in Britain last year, compared with the 1995-1997 period.

The increase in travelling time could point to more accidents and subsequent car and van insurance claims.

Last year, it took an average of 22.9 minutes for people to complete their trips in the UK, up from 20.4 minutes in 1995-1997.

The average number of trips taken by people in the UK stood at 960 in 2010 - the lowest figure since the mid-1970s.

Each person travelled an average distance of 6,726 miles in 2010, compared with the peak of 7,208 in 2005.

The figures, which came from a survey of 19,000 people in 8,100 households across Britain, also showed an increase in the average length of a trip. The figure stood at 7.0 miles last year, up from 6.4 miles in 1995/97.

According to the figures, 64% of trips and 78% of distance travelled in 2010 were covered by cars.

There was a fall in the average annual car mileage, from nearly 9,700 miles in 1995/97 to 8,430 miles last year.

Figures also showed a 48% drop in business mileage to 890 miles during the period.

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