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Insurance respite for young drivers

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Drivers between the ages of 17 and 22 could have benefited from a reduction in car insurance costs in recent months, statistics have revealed.

According to figures from the AA, the cost of annual car insurance premiums for motorists in that age bracket fell by 5.6% between April and June, compared with the January-March period.

And while the annual cost of insuring one's vehicle rose by 3.6% for all drivers between April and June, the increase was the lowest quarterly rise for a year and a half.

Despite the spring respite, 17 to 22-year-olds are still having to fork out as much as £2,294 on average, compared to an all-age average of £924.

Men aged between 17 and 22 are expected to pay £2,872, compared to £1,671 for women in the same age category.

AA insurance director Simon Douglas said: "Young drivers share the greatest number of serious crashes, premiums have been rising at a disproportionate rate, but it seems at last that insurers are starting to compete a bit more for their business with rates starting to come down."

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