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Electric vans complete Eco Rally

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Two Ford Transit Connect Electric vans have successfully covered a near 77-mile route from Oxford to London as part of this year's Bridgestone Eco Rally.

During the rally, which took place on July 31, the vehicles drove from Broad Street in Oxford to Pall Mall in London, taking in motorways and heavy traffic.

Ford is developing a portfolio of electric vehicles in a bid to bring affordable, environmentally friendly technologies to the market.

Drivers who are interested in buying the new electric vehicles will also need to take out suitable van insurance policies.

The fifth annual Eco Rally showed that the new Transit Connect EV works well in a crowded, slow-moving and often stationary traffic but tends to perform less well on the open road.

The Norwegian Post Office is the first customer to order the van, which comes with a priced tag of £39,995.

The vehicle will be ideal for its workers who need to make regular stops on localised routes.

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