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Drivers clueless on valuables cover

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The majority of drivers do not know what type of cover, if any, they have for possessions left in their vehicles, a survey has revealed.

Research carried out by OnePoll indicated that 72% did not know what type of protection their car insurance policy offered if items from their vehicle were stolen or damaged.

This alarming figure highlights the importance of checking the stipulations of van insurance policies and those which cover other types of vehicle.

According to the research, satnavs (43%) were the most commonly left item in the boot or glove box, followed by mobile phones (32%) and wallets or purses (29%).

The glove box typically houses goods worth £112, with satnavs (33%), mobile phones (22%) and wallets or purses (18%) stored in parked and unattended vehicles.

Meanwhile, the average value of items left in a car boot was £165, which included satnavs (10%), mobile phones (9%), wallets or purses (11%), laptop computers (15%), sporting equipment, including golf clubs (20%) and power tools (8%).

The survey also revealed that people aged between 18 and 24 were 50% more likely to leave valuables in their glove box than those aged over 45.

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