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Families walking the streets to save money

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A recent report conducted by Bridestone Tyres has found that mums are taking to the streets and walking shorter journeys, abandoning the family vehicle at home.

The rise is fuel and car insurance, amongst other pressures on a household budget are forcing 70% of cash strapped mothers to use their cars less in an attempt to save money.

Not only are mothers making shorter journeys, such as taking children to school on foot, they also intend to not use the car to take children on day trips during the school holidays due to cost.

The report also showed that 5% of mothers have sold one of the family cars, and a further 33% were considering selling because of the rise in price for fuel.

Further results revealed that:

  • Two in three are worried about how much the school holiday will cost
  • Nine in ten are saving less
  • Nearly half are regularly overdrawn.

Families are looking to shave costs of their outgoings by cutting down on energy use, fewer luxury goods, and buying own-brand supermarket produce.

Bridgestone’s communications manager for the UK, Andrew Dingley, summarised the report’s findings by saying: “High prices at the pump, coupled with the fact that families have less money in their pockets will have an impact on not only how we drive, but what we drive too… Our research shows that people are sacrificing journeys because they simply can’t afford to fill up as much.”

Although the findings seem bleak, positives can be taken from it. Health activists are happy to hear more people are prepared to walk now, and although it may not be for the same reasons, they are happy that people are getting daily exercise.

A health industry spokesperson said, “With the rising levels of obesity affecting children across the country, the news is good, as its helping families financially and healthily.”

More mums are also considering environmentally friendly forms of transport in an attempt to save further funds, the report also found that 42% have considered buying a hybrid car and nearly two thirds would weigh up the pros and cons of electric cars.

By Ben Malkin

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