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The Riot Aftermath

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Prime Minister David Cameron has heaped praise on transport workers for their bravery during the riots and the work they undertook to ‘keep London moving’.

In a letter to Transport for London Mr Cameron paid tribute to people who "protected passengers" during riots.

A special mention was made for the driver who had an almost full bus that came under attack whilst in Croydon, amongst others such as the service controller who continued to work after suffering a broken wrist in an assault.

A spokesman for Transport for London said that they just wanted to ensure that everything ran as normal.

Over 1000 people have been arrested for the riots and looting that have been occurring since Saturday, with around 600 charged.

In the letter David Cameron thanked staff for working "round the clock to keep London moving in the face of the appalling violence and thuggery".

Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy said: "I welcome and echo the prime minister's recognition of the simply outstanding job undertaken by staff right across London's transport networks, as well those in the police and emergency services."

Insurers have pledged to start rebuilding homes and businesses as soon as areas are cleared as crime scenes in an attempt to bring a return to normality.

Some insurers have already sent in specialists to assess damage, and contracts with builders have been drawn up in preparation.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said that home insurance should cover fire and looting, and accommodation for those forced out, with the uninsured possibly able to claim for compensation from the police authorities.

Losses are expected to be as high as £200million after further assessment of damage, in which Monday night was described by Metropolitan Police as the ‘worst in current memory’.

Numerous businesses have suffered losses because of the damage, looting or areas being cordoned off by police owing to the disorder.

Steve Foulsham, technical services manager at the British Insurance Brokers' Association, said: "The majority of insurance providers operate a 24-hour claims line and can help people arrange for emergency repairs and the damage to be inspected as quickly as possible."

By Ben Malkin

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