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Which car is more likely to be stolen?

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A recent study conducted by an insurance comparison website has revealed the types of cars most likely to be targeted by thieves in the UK.

Owners of the Toyota Yaris will be double checking the security surrounding their cars, making sure it is locked and under wraps, after it was found that it was the most likely to be stolen according to the survey. 

The survey found that the Toyota Yaris has a theft incident rate of 0.41%, which equates to 1 in every 244 models being stolen.

The cars after the Toyota Yaris that are most at risk from being stolen include the Volkswagen Touareg, followed by the Volvo XC90, surprisingly the Porsche 911, and the Seat Altea.

Unsurprisingly, the survey revealed that thieves are attracted to more powerful and faster cars, as stealing a car such as a Range Rover Sport or a BMW holds a higher esteem amongst car thieves.

Unfortunately for car thieves these types of vehicles benefit from higher levels of protection, thus making it harder for potential thieves to steal them.  However, car thieves have started to battle this by going ‘letter box fishing’ in an attempt to steal car keys, or even worse, breaking into homes in order to obtain the keys for the car they have desired to steal.

Owners of the Ford KA can breathe a sigh of relief as the survey found that this is the least likely type of vehicle to be stolen.  Out of the 9000 Ford KA owners who took a part in the survey, not one theft of this mini Ford model was reported between 2004-2011.  This will mean there is a potentially good knock-on effect for owners, as it may possibly see a positive reduction in the cost of their insurance.

Ian Donaldson, Managing Director of Autonet Insurance, said, “Although the report may seem downbeat for owners of a Toyota Yaris, there are many steps owners can take to increase the security of their vehicles.  Parking the vehicle off the road overnight is always a positive step, and can also see a reduction on insurance costs in some cases.”

By Ben Malkin

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