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Women's car-buying worries revealed

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A new survey by car retailer Quicks has found that over a third of women think they are likely to get cheated into an inappropriate deal at a car showroom.

Of the 1,000 women drivers questioned, over two out of five said that when it comes to buying a car, they would part with cash only after a male family member or friend had looked over the deal.

While 43% of women said they feel patronised by dealers, a tenth consider car buying to be intimidating.

A third of women surveyed said dealers do not take them seriously, while over a quarter said salesmen make them feel uncomfortable while showing them round a dealership.

While the car-buying process can be troublesome, women may find taking out a car insurance policy for the vehicle much less complicated.

Katie Martin, head of operations at Quicks, said: "We know from our own research that, increasingly, women make the decision on what car to buy in the household."

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