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Ambler Gambler or Red Runner?

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A recent motor survey has found that motorists are risking driving through red lights at a rate of 278 a minute.

Direct Line, the insurance company responsible for the survey, found that as many as 14% of drivers are speeding up to go through red lights at an average of two a month.

What’s worse, 2% of drivers said that they habitually jump traffic lights if they feel the road is clear and there is no traffic around.

The survey questioned 2020 motorists, and also found that 9% of drivers do not reduce their speed when approaching a set of traffic lights on amber, and 4% actually speed up to drive through before they hit red.

Out of those surveyed, respondents in the West Midlands were the worst culprits with 19% of drivers admitting to driving through red lights in the last month.

At the other end of the scale, motorists in the east of England are some of the most law-abiding, with only 9% confessing to driving through traffic lights whilst they are on red.

Andy Goldby, director of motor underwriting at Direct Line, said, "Motorists who play Russian roulette at the traffic lights are putting their own and other road-users lives at risk.

"Motorists involved in an accident if they pass through a red light will automatically be deemed at fault for a collision. They could also face higher car insurance premiums at renewal if they have points on their licence."

Other surveys carried out around the safety of motoring also found that 85% of drivers admit to trying to race through lights when they are on amber, and 16% of motorists regard the amber light as they do the green light.

However, 13% of motorists were found to have had an accident or a near miss when gambling on driving through traffic lights when they should.  50% incurred the wrath of their passenger, whilst 26% incurred the rage of other drivers when they took the gamble.

By Ben Malkin

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