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Skoda breaks speed record

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The Skoda Octavia that bested 200mph last week at the Bonneville Speed Week has finally set a new speed record for 2.0 litre forced induction production cars, on the salt flats in Utah.

To gain the record, the Skoda had to make two runs in each direction over a measured mile on consecutive days, and then the average of the two times determined the overall speed of the vehicle.

Journalist and Telegraph Motoring contributor Richard Meaden, the driver behind the wheel when the Skoda hit the 200 miles per hour mark, has reported that he managed to smash that feat by recording a 225mph run on Thursday afternoon.  This speed meant that the UK-based Skoda team qualified to repeat the course in the opposite direction the following morning in a bid to set a new record.

"Despite a scary crosswind some rain, the flying Octavia hit 228.5mph," reported Richard about the Friday run. "When averaged with the run from the previous day we raised the record from 216mph to 227.080mph."

The Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) figures show that the Octavia's record-breaking runs consisted of two official runs of Bonneville's famous five-mile course at 225.513mph on the Thursday and a return run at 228.647mph the day later.

Richard Meaden, a seasoned circuit racer, has now become a lifetime member of the Bonneville 200 Club after exceeding 200mph on six previous runs prior to these record-setting runs.

The previous record for what is known as the G/PS category was 216mph, set in August 1998.

By Ben Malkin

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