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Half of adults take Mum on holiday

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Over half of adults travelling abroad have taken their mothers or mother-in-law on holiday with them, and would consider doing so again.

Although this may seem a kindly gesture, almost 10% of sons admit this is because they know Mum will pay for everything and she can also babysit the children.

  • 56% of us in the UK have either taken our mums or mother-in-laws or even both on holiday with us
  • 85% of us who have done so say we would either take one or both of our mothers and/or mother-in-laws on holiday again.
  • 53% of people surveyed agreed that their mother (or mother-in-law) was great company on holiday with 50% agreeing that she deserves a treat.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, 44% of adults have not taken their mother, or their partners mother abroad with them.

However, of those who have, only 14% say they would not be keen to repeat the experience.  There are many reasons cited, with the top reason being ‘we like different things’ (33%) followed closely by ‘she’s so annoying’ (13.5%).

Other reasons include:

  • I’m embarrassed by her behaviour: 10%
  • She would cramp my style: 9%
  • I don’t want to pay for her: 8%
  • She flirts with the waiters: 6%
  • She causes rows between my partner and I: 5%
  • She drinks too much: 3%

Taking your mother on holiday is more popular with women, with 39% of women having done so compared to 24% of men.

Londoners are most likely to take Mum on holiday (38%), with Northern Ireland (17%) the least likely to do so, according to the survey by

By Ben Malkin

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