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Cameron drives Mini off plant line

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David Cameron showed that driving just once a year is all it takes to require car insurance as he drove the 2,000,000th new Mini off the production line.

The Prime Minister did the honours at the car's plant in Cowley, Oxford, announcing: "There are lots of great things you get to do as Prime Minister, but one of those things you don't get to do is drive a car."

Mr Cameron, who is also MP for nearby Witney, said beforehand: "For over a year now, I haven't driven a car, so I can't tell you what pleasure it's going to give me to get into the 2,000,000th Mini."

The PM drove off the line on to the assembly area floor where the car plant staff waited, overshooting the corner and reversing to finish the manoeuvre. Afterwards he said the drive was "a thrill", despite it being just for 20 yards.

He said: "Minis have been a fantastic success story, not just for Oxford but for the UK."

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