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Drivers 'cutting back on fuel'

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Motorists are cutting back on their fuel expenses, a new study has shown.

The AA/Populus survey said that a quarter of motorists are restricting their fuel spend because of high prices at the pumps.

Northern Ireland, north-west England and Wales have the highest proportions of people limiting their fuel expenditure, according to the study.

The survey, which involved 15,860 AA members, also showed that women are more likely to go for budget-tightening than men.

A competitive car insurance deal will help drivers save some money for other expenses like fuel and maintenance costs.

Some 14% of drivers set a limit when paying for fuel in cash, while another 14% paid a set amount on their credit card.

Among unskilled workers, long-term unemployed and pensioners, 44% restrict their fuel bills. But only 21% of drivers in the highest-income group are cutting back on fuel, the survey found.

"Some are putting their lives and those of others at risk of grinding to a halt by running on fumes," said AA president Edmund King.

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