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Drivers 'ignore car safety checks'

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Motorists are ignoring some basic safety checks on their cars, which can result in points on their licences and in turn have an impact on car insurance costs, according to a new survey.

Manheim Auctions found in its poll that a fifth of drivers get behind the wheel without ever checking their car's brake fluid.

One in six of those questioned said they do not bother to make sure that their brake lights are operational before driving their car, while a ninth of drivers said they do not pay attention to the tread on their vehicle's tyres.

The poll also found that drivers are ignorant of how risky it is to drive a car that has not undergone basic safety checks.

A fifth of drivers did not know the importance of checking brake fluid, while nearly 85% had no idea how much the legal tyre tread depth was.

Driving a vehicle with tyres under the minimum tread depth can cost the motorist three points and a £2,500 fine, while a driver running a car with a broken brake light is risking getting three points and a £60 fixed penalty fine.

Those caught driving a car with four bald tyres could face a driving ban.

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