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Drivers easily distracted at wheel

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Nearly 70% of drivers don't think they would pass their driving test if they had to re-sit it, a survey has found.

Some 30% of motorists admitted to eating and drinking at the wheel, while 60% said they often changed CDs or radio stations while driving, a poll by Ford found.

Such distractions could lead to an accident and claims on car or van insurance policies.

Also one in ten admitted to texting or visiting social network websites on their phone while driving. This number increased to 20% for those respondents aged between 17 and 24.

Almost half of women drivers said they believed they were safer than men behind the wheel, but only a fifth of men agreed with this.

Adrian Walsh, director of motoring safety partnership RoadSafe, who carried out the poll, said that research had shown that women are generally more safer drivers as they take fewer risks.

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