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Holidaymakers 'unsure of world map'

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More than half of holidaymakers can not point out where they were last on holiday on a map, a survey has found.

Despite 69% rating their geographical knowledge as "very good", some 51% of the 1,821 respondents failed to correctly pinpoint their last holiday destination on a map, with 19% even getting the wrong continent.

Over two out of five respondents said there were certain destinations that they were not bothered about visiting.

Chris Brown, co founder of, who carried out the survey, said: "It's slightly worrying that a lot of people don't know where they are in the world when they go on holiday."

The findings suggest that people need to carefully plan where they are going and what they'll need in terms of the correct currency and travel insurance cover to ensure a stress-free and smooth trip.

Eight people who took part on the poll pointed to the US on a map when in fact they had visited Spain, while 27 who had gone to Mexico thought they had travelled to somewhere near the east coast of America.

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