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Road rage 'strategies' revealed

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Blowing kisses and attempts to seek soldiers' intervention are among the strategies adopted by motorists to avoid road rage drivers, according to a new poll by

Other strategies to contain aggressive behaviour include swearing or shouting back, and trying to scare off an enraged driver by waking up a sleeping dog. With increased car insurance premiums one of the likely consequences of being involved in a road rage collisions, drivers would be well-advised to come up with a strategy to defuse a heated situation.

Road users are most annoyed by motorists not indicating and tailgating, while using mobile phones at the wheel, driving slowly and traffic congestion also cause problems.

Driving on motorways was a cause of concern for 63% of the 3,000 motorists questioned. Other causes of irritation for motorists include back-seat drivers (56%) and hot weather (53%).

The survey found that Welsh drivers are the most unruly motorists at the wheel, while those in south-west England seem to be the best behaved.

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