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Scots 'happy with neighbourhoods'

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Anti-social behaviour is at its lowest level in Scotland since devolution, a new study has shown.

The Scottish Household Survey also revealed that people are more or less satisfied with their neighbourhoods and also the facilities for basic education and healthcare.

Good neighbourhoods can help reduce the cost of home insurance deals which means owners can save some money in order to meet other expenses.

Reduced smoking prevalence, which is at an all-time low, and increasing access to the internet are other positives which the survey has pinpointed.

On the flip side, satisfaction with public transport has declined and the number of households with access to a car also has shown a dip.

Overall, 55% of Scots are now satisfied with their neighbourhoods, which is a two per cent rise since the survey began 12 years ago.

Only 11% of people complained that vandalism and damage to their property are common in their areas.

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