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Warning for bank holiday drivers

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A road safety charity has urged motorists to take extra care while driving on British roads over the busy bank holiday weekend.

Brake's warning comes after a survey held during the same period last year showed that 71% of motorists lost their concentration while driving.

Unruly road users, fears over work and tensions at home were some of the factors that caused this lack of concentration, according to the study.

Apart from the external factors, 42% of motorists reported that they were distracted by their own fellow passengers.

Drivers will end up paying hefty van insurance premiums if caught for traffic violations or other similar road offences.

"Every death and serious injury on the roads is devastating and tears families apart. All too often these casualties result from careless errors that could easily be avoided if drivers gave their full attention to the road," said Brake senior campaigns officer Ellen Booth.

She added: "If you are so upset or angry that you can't give driving your full attention, you need to pull over and cool off."

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