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Government proposal to tackle roadwork’s

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The UK government unveiled a new proposal that would tackle the problem of roadwork’s and the traffic jams associated with them.  The proposal suggests that utility companies could pay a ‘lane rental’ fee to the council if they choose to dig up the road during busy times.

OnePoll carried out a poll on behalf of, asking 2,000 drivers in the UK whether the proposal from the government is one that they believe will effectively help cut traffic jams or a plan which may cost consumers more in the long run.

UK motorists are divided on the proposal with almost half (49%) saying it’s a good plan and they can’t wait to see it happen and the other half (48%) feeling that it’s not a good idea because utility companies who choose to pay the bills will pass these costs onto the consumer.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at says: “If these proposals reduce traffic jams then car owners will have something to smile about. Financially it’s been a tough few years for drivers. Consumers are paying an average of £858 for annual comprehensive cover, having seen an increase of £22 in just three months and £170 over 12 months. Car owners really deserve a break and roads that run freely will be welcomed by anyone regularly blighted by queues.

It is believed that the ‘lane rental’ fee will be an added incentive for companies to complete jobs more quickly, thereby reducing potentially dangerous and infuriating situations that come hand in hand with roadwork’s.

However, UK energy companies have recently hiked their prices up, and consumers are worried that the rental fees could be added to already increasing energy costs. 

An unnamed expert in energy said, “If this proposal goes ahead then UK households will be hoping that utility companies choose to work outside of peak hours and not pay the charges because any further hikes in utility costs would be unpleasant.”

Regionally, Londoners are most in favour of the plans with more than 52% agreeing that they are a good idea.

By Ben Malkin

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