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Drivers 'most alert on Mondays'

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Britons are at their most alert at the wheel on Mondays, a new survey has said.

People are generally unhappy about taking to the roads at the start of the working week but they give utmost care and attention while driving on Mondays, according to a study by Kia Motors.

The survey, which involved 2,000 motorists, also marked Thursdays as the least ideal time to drive, as drivers are at their most relaxed and can make mistakes.

Any traffic offences will lead to penalty points on driving licences and higher car insurance premiums.

Only 1% of motorists are confident of driving with due care after 9pm, the study found.

Overall, the drivers reported an average of 1.84 distractions at the wheel a day. The most number of distractions (45%) came from other unruly drivers. Talking to fellow passengers formed the second biggest source of distraction (27%).

Also, a total of 24% of drivers would be distracted by an attractive pedestrian passing by, the survey showed.

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