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Home owners urged over flood alerts

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The importance of having your property covered by a home insurance policy has been underlined by the news that more than half a million homes face a serious threat of being flooded.

According to the Environment Agency, which is urging more people to sign up for its national flood warning service, 57% of the 1.05 million properties currently registered with it are at high risk.

Floods are believed to pose a danger for an estimated one in six homes across England.

The Agency's free service, which provides flood warnings by text, email, fax and phone, has seen the number of properties registered rise four-fold in just three years.

In 2008 just 14% of the homes considered to be under threat from floods were receiving alerts through the system.

The Environment Agency's official website offers advice for householders on simple measures that can help them protect their properties from flood waters.

Chief executive Dr Paul Leinster encouraged people to look up information on agency's website to see if their homes are in a flood risk area and to sign up for free river and sea flood warnings.

Meanwhile, the agency admitted that its project to provide flood protection along coastal areas by creating 300 hectares of inter-tidal habitat had failed to meet the deadline.

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