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Site builds fuel economy resource

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A car website has created a new forum aimed at building a more accurate picture of the fuel economy of different vehicles.

Motoring site has created a section where drivers can enter what miles per gallon (mpg) figures they have recorded from driving their own vehicles, with the hope that this will eventually become a much more reliable source of information that what car manufacturers claim the fuel economy of their vehicle to be.

The site has been accumulating data for the last four months, mostly for vehicles that are less than five years of age. A range of mpg figures have built up for the most popular car models, from highest to lowest and offering an overall average for that car and engine.

Fuel economy is an issue of increasing importance to drivers as they try to cope with rising fuel and car insurance prices.

The database has so far thrown up some interesting statistics. The 2009 1.5 dCi 85bhp Renault Clio, for example, claims to be able to achieve an mpg of 64.2 but figures from the website suggest that its current average is 53.8mpg, which is 16% lower than the claimed figure.

However, the website has not received sufficient data to arrive at a reliable average for some cars, and it is therefore encouraging as many motorists as possible to log on and enter their own mpgs to help build the resource.

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