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200 motorists receive lifetime bans

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More than 200 motorists have been banned from driving for the rest of their lives, including one driver who has received 15 separate life-time bans already.


New figures revealed that 204 people in Lothian, Scotland, are barred from ever driving a vehicle again for amassing a catalogue of road crimes.

A total of 481 life-long bans were handed out between the disgraced drivers, with 22 of the motorists receiving five or more each.


Motoring groups made public their support to police today, saying that they must continue to target serial offenders and maintain the hard work which has already brought the 204 motorists to justice.

Recent figures released by the DVLA showed that 2286 people in the Lothians were banned from driving as of last month. Some 1242 were punished for drunk driving, while 13 were banned for causing death by dangerous driving and one for culpable homicide while driving a vehicle.

Among those on life bans is James Frail, 31, who was caught driving illegally at least a dozen times before being jailed for 12 years in May 2008 for a series of armed robberies at Edinburgh shops, where he fled in stolen cars.

Neil Greig, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists' Motoring Trust, said: "For individuals who are banned, stopping them does come down to fear of being caught.  That's why it's important to keep up levels of front-line policing on the roads so these people know they can be caught."

As well as the motorist given 15 life bans, three drivers have also racked up their 14th, 12th and 11th bans respectively.


132 of the 481 life-time bans that have been handed out to Lothian motorists were for charges of drunk driving, while 46 involved driving without insurance and 18 for dangerous driving.


Superintendent Alan Duncan, head of Lothian and Borders Police's road policing unit, said: "If a motorist is found to be driving while disqualified, they may face a prison sentence and officers can have their vehicle removed from the roadway under the vehicle recovery scheme."

Among the 2286 people currently banned from driving in the Lothians, 64 were barred for car theft, 243 for dangerous driving and 943 for driving while already disqualified.


By Ben Malkin


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