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30% of motorists have no insurance

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A report released by the Motor Insurance Bureau has found that almost a third of British motorists are failing to take out car insurance, even though the Motor Insurance Bureau has a record of all uninsured vehicles in the country.

The report comes days after research found that the West Midland and West Yorkshire areas have a high proportion of uninsured drivers.

This most recent report released by the Motor Insurance Bureau on uninsured vehicles focused on those areas, but also included others such as Essex and Manchester. It estimates that a massive 1.4 million motorists do not have even the minimum legal requirement of car insurance for their vehicles.

Evidence has shown that uninsured drivers are responsible for up to 23,000 injuries, and 160 fatalities on the roads of Britain every year.

Financially they are responsible for up to £500 million, which adds around £30 to the insurance premium of every motorist in the UK each year.

The Motor Insurance Bureau has announced it is taking steps to combat the rising problem, as the effects that uninsured drivers have on law abiding motorists is unacceptable.

Motoring experts have citied the rising cost of insurance as one possible reason for the high volume of uninsured drivers on UK roads, as the cost of insurance continues to rise, many are prepared to take the risk as they cannot afford it.

The Office of Fair Trading has recently outlined plans to investigate the rising cost of car insurance, the results of which will be ready by the end of the year. If they find the rises in car insurance are unfair, measures may be made to curb the spiralling rate of motor of insurance costs.

By Ben Malkin

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