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Cash for Crash brothers jailed after conning £1 million

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Two brothers who were responsible for one of the biggest ‘cash for crash’ schemes in Britain have been jailed.

Rezwan Javed, 34, and older brother Rehan, 36, from Burnley, were jailed for six and five years respectively at Manchester Crown Court.

The two defrauded insurance companies out of nearly £1 million in what has been described as a ‘production line’ of scams.

The two brothers who made nearly £1m in a "production line" of bogus crash insurance claims have been jailed.

The Judge who passed the sentence said the pair, who were found guilty last August of conspiracy to defraud, had committed fraud on an ‘industrial scale’.

The men got associates to drive around and stop at roundabouts.  When the car behind them was looking for oncoming traffic, they would slam their breaks on, causing an accident.

They made bogus claims for repairs, write-offs and storage costs, also claiming there were three people in the car hit from behind.

Every claim they made netted an average of £3000, and it is reported that the men made £995,915 from the scams. 

Both men were given six months to pay £156,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

If they do not pay it in time, or are unable too, then the brothers will receive a two-year four-month prison sentence on top of the one they are serving already.

Judge Lever told the men: "What you developed was nothing short of a production line of fraud on an industrial scale.

"This is not a victimless crime either in financial or human terms."

He added: "Some of the targeted occupants were elderly and children.”

"Many lost their no-claims bonus and had to pay greatly enhanced premiums.”

"Some suffered trauma and nervous shock."

The Javed brothers ran North West Claims Centre Ltd, a Burnley company which managed insurance claims.

Their company took a cut of solicitors' referral fees, courtesy car hire and the cost of storage and recovery of cars involved in the collisions, which on many occasions was not needed.

By Ben Malkin

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