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Taxi driver experiment could save motorists £550 a year

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Taxi drivers across the UK have took part in an experiment conducted by Shell to prove that driving more fuel efficient could save drivers up to £550 a year on petrol costs.

The trial challenged 18 taxi drivers to drive more efficiently and reduce their fuel consumption by 10% over the course of a month.  The results found that even the smallest changes to driving habits could dramatically reduce fuel costs.

Shell carefully studied the driving style of each individual driver to identify the most fuel efficient, and produced a set of driving tips in an attempt to provide motorists advice on how to gain the maximum fuel efficiency.  Included was advice such as turning down the air conditioning, avoiding over-revving, and reducing unnecessary weight in the car.

Shell estimates that if drivers adhere to all of the rules, then motorists could expect to save on average £544 a year on the cost of petrol.

Fourteen of the cab drivers, picked from 10 cities across Britain, were equipped with on-board computers which tracked driving behaviour, while a further four drivers tracked their performance themselves to see whether they would make more of an effort in implementing the tips.

At the end of the trial, Shell found that the cab drivers had exceeded the target to reduce fuel consumption by 10%, doubling it to save 20%.

Melanie Lane, General Manager, Shell UK Retail, said: “We know fuel prices are high right now so it’s important that we help people save fuel and money.

“We’re pleased to see that our drivers have taken the challenge so seriously and on average have doubled our expected fuel reduction target. We hope this campaign can show that if cabbies can do it, all drivers can become smarter, more fuel-efficient and see the impact on their pocket.”

By Ben Malkin

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